We offer 4 leagues of senior hockey for new players to the sport or new players to Canberra. Due to increasing demand and finite ice time our leagues are spread over summer and winter.



Women’s League: women and girls 14yrs plus, all skill levels

Senior D League: mixed beginner league for male and female players 18yrs plus


Senior C League: mixed intermediate league for male and female players 18yrs plus

Senior B League: mixed advanced league for male and female players 18yrs plus


Senior D and Women’s are association managed leagues with a league coordinator and Head coaches. The leagues have weekly league training sessions and games.

Senior C and B are self-managed leagues. The teams have a greater say in who is selected to play on their teams, management of the league and also manage the teams financial obligations.

New to Ice Hockey?

Players new to the sport are encouraged to attend IHACT Academy programs. The programs are split into male and female, generally running for 4-6 weeks before the season starts and offer new players the opportunity to learn basic skills in skating and puck handling.

Played Hockey but New to ACT?

All new players to IHACT need to attend either a Grading session for Senior D and Women’s or a Draft session for Senior C and B. These sessions allow our IHACT accredited coaches the opportunity to see and assess your skill level ensuring it is appropriate and safe for the league you wish to join.


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