That's a wrap!

Our inaugural Senior D and Women’s Summer Leagues wrapped up on Sunday night with a massive Senior D Final. This is the first year Senior D and Women’s have played in summer and it did not deter new players from joining.

The season started with a 4 week academy programs attended by over 60 players. The Senior D comp grew from 4 teams to 6 with the introduction of the Dingoes and Bombers. The existing teams Numbats, Bison’s Hornets and Ice Bears all got a re-shuffle and some Senior C players joined the league.

The women’s league grew to 4 teams with new team the Foxes. The teams had a big shake up in preparation for the summer season.

But what was it like to play in summer? Tom from the Bison’s said it’s surreal to go from the slightly colder rink to 40° summer days outside and sometimes you would linger a little longer on the ice after a fall, just to stay cool.

The leaders shifted from the winter season, with the Dingoes putting in a solid effort all season only losing 2 games, they were the clear favourite coming into to the finals. The Bombers weren’t far behind and had the added pressure from the Bison’s hot their heels. The Women’s league saw the Foxes take the lead throughout the season with the Wolves finding their howl coming in second.

It was a cracker of night on Sunday with the Senior D Grand Final between the top 2 teams all season the Dingoes vs. Bombers. Both teams came out fighting, literally and we saw some early penalties until the players settled into the game. Shots were low in the first period however it started to pick up on the second. The bombers started with a power play, but the Dingoes held strong and the Bombers couldn’t get to the back of the net. The Dingoes continued to fire the shots at Steele and he held firm. Gaige from the Bombers got the first goal of the game with a cheeky shot. The glory was short lived though, when Nicole wrapped it around the net and under the goalie from the face off. The Dingoes continued the endless pressure into the 3rd with two more goals. The Bombers pulled Steele with 1:30minutes to go and put everything they could into getting another goal. But atlas the game ended in an all in brawl, not another a goal. Followed by handshakes and beers in the carpark.

Don’t think the excitement stopped there. The Bison’s and Numbats were up next for the bronze medal game and it started with a Bison’s on-ice proposal! The action never stops in Senior D OMG! Aiden and Dorothy have been dating for 6months and their first date was one of he’s games. It was love. And hockey. And love.

The Bronze Medal game ended in another classic IHACT shoot out with the Bisons getting the win.

The Women's league finished out the season with a round of friendlies in honour of DC Bear McPhail.

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the Summer Season, it was a total success and we couldn’t have done it without you!