Summer Leagues

Due to the growing popularity of ice hockey in the ACT, IHACT have moved the Senior D and Women’s competition to summer commencing this summer. Senior D and Women’s league will benefit from better ice availability, a more consistent schedule with regular training and game times mid-week, with most weekends free. The new summer league also allows IHACT to grow our membership and increase teams and competitions where required.


All new players joining the Senior D or Women's league will be required to attend a pre-season grading/training session to ensure they have basic skating skills required for beginner leagues. New players are those that did not participate in the 2016 IHACT winter competitions. The grading session will allow league coaches to place all new players into the appropriate team.

All new players who haven’t attended an IHACT academy or skating lessons from the rink are encouraged to contact the rink for lessons prior to the season starting.

The Grading Sessions will be on Sunday 09.10.16 from 6:30pm for Womens and 7:45pm for Men and costs $15.

All players will be required to have their own gear. Please refer the Getting Started page for more information on gear requirements.

Register here for the Senior D & Women's Grading Sessions

Note: Grading is included for Beginner Academy participants, there is no need to register.

Players who played in the 2016 winter competitions are not required to attend the grading sessions and can register directly for the summer season through the links below.

New Player Membership & Registration

To participate in games or training with Ice Hockey ACT, fees are split into two components; membership and registration. An Ice Hockey Australia (IHA) and Ice Hockey ACT (IHACT) membership covers player's insurance and administration costs. The fees for combined IHA/IHACT 2016 summer membership are as $170.50 for seniors (code SS) and $140 for juniors (code SJ). A senior is any player aged 18 or over on 31 December 2016.

New players to the Summer Leagues will be required to have an IHA/IHACT Summer Membership (this will be added to your account automatically when registering using the links below), existing IHACT members do not require any new memberships. All memberships expire on 28 February 2017.

NOTE: If a choice of memberships appears, please select "SS" and "IHACT SS" for IHA & IHACT respectively ("SJ" and "IHACT SJ" are for juniors), DO NOT select PS or PJ. 

Fees for player league registration cover the ice rink hire and officials costs. Registration fees for Summer 2016/2017 are as follows:


(women and girls aged 14 and over)

$430 16 x 1.25hr games and 13 x 1 hr training's, plus finals
$300 16 x 1.25hr games, plus finals

Summer season is now underway - if you are interested in joining in please contact


$460 20 x 1.25hr games and 13 x 1 hr training's, plus finals
$360 20 x 1.25hr games, plus finals

Summer season is now underway - if you are interested in joining in please contact

Note: If you're under 18yrs and would like to play in Senior D please contact the Senior Delegate.

Payment for both registration and membership is done online using esportdesk via credit card – IHACT is unable to accept cash or direct deposit. Please use the links above for the appropriate league to process your membership and registration.

Once you have clicked the link, sign in with your esportsdesk account, or click the sign-up tab for first time users (your password will be emailed to you). Follow the prompts to on-screen, make the payment, and a receipt will be emailed to you when the process is completed.

Partial Payments

A partial payment option is available for registrations in local leagues, for an additional fee. Select the appropriate option in esportsdesk when registering to pay a portion of the fees now and the remaining $200 by 30 November. Final payment can be made by clicking here

Please note, any members not paid in full by 30 November 2016 will be suspended from playing and training until payment is complete.

Junior Programs

We are still developing our junior summer programs for existing players and new players wishing to join in winter 2017.