Special General Meeting


Dear Members

There will be a Special General Meeting (SGM) to present and discuss a proposal to move our current financial year dates.

When: 9th August 2017

Where: Burley Griffin Room, Woden Tradies

Time: 6:30pm to approx. 7:00pm

Currently the IHACT financial year runs until 31st October each year and our annual reports can’t be produced until the end of our financial year, meaning our Annual General Meeting (AGM) can’t take place until mid to late November.

Previously this wasn’t an issue as our financial year was established when IHACT had a single winter season, however with the introduction of a regular summer season this puts additional pressure on Board members as one season ends and another begins.

The proposed change will also allow for better inclusion of Senior D and Women players (in line with the other divisions) having the opportunity to attend/vote outside their season.

The IHACT Board would like to propose changing our financial year period to allow for the AGM to occur before or just after the winter season.

All changes to the constitution can only occur by obtaining 75% approval of a quorum of voting (financial) members at a general meeting.

The SGM will be followed by a board meeting. If any members would like to attend to understand more about board positions and what is involved please RSVP to Assistant Secretary.