Shenanigans in A League

Existing B graders, young players and local Brave players are taking to the ice in a Summer Senior A Tournament. The tournament is a best of 5 games between 2 teams and it’s full contact. We’re now 3 games in and it’s starting to get real.

At first the teams may not look like much in their average second hand jerseys but the team bonds are really shining through on and off the ice. The young players are playing with and against their junior coaches and while they may still have a lot to learn they hold their own.

But what about the results? Who’s winning? Well the first game was a tough one if you’re supporting the Green Machine. The Orange Phoenix or Jaffa Cakes were brutal when it came to scoring and made a point with a smashing 9-5 victory, even though the Green Machine out shot them 43 to 30. The hits were minimal in the first game, but it still remained a fast paced game for spectators.

The second game was another high shot game with Orange Phoenix out shooting the Green Machine 44 to 39. The Orange Phoenix brought the pace of the first game and scored the first 2 goals taking the lead 3-2 in the 1st period. The Orange Phoenix continued their lead into the 2nd despite 2 goals scored by the Green Machine. Spectators may of thought that was it, but the Green Machine did not give up and equalised the score in the 3rd with the final result a 5-5 draw.

Now to tonight’s game. The Green Machine was close to a win last game and wanted it. But the Orange Phoenix were not going to give up without a fight and started the game with some big hits on the boards. From a spectators point of view this was shaping up to be a great game.

The Green Machine broke through the hits and scored first, with the crowd commenting on the sensational officiating and good spirit of the game. The Green Machine continued their form with 2 more goals in the 2nd while the Orange Phoenix struggled to find the back of the net, with only one goal.

Things got interesting in the 3rd period with tension mounting between players. A big hit from an adopted local behind the net caused an awkward landing for “Our Jimmy” which caused emotions to boil over on the bench and explode into fists of loyalty on the ice. Everyone was confused and not sure why it went there, but I suppose one can’t question an on ice bromance.

This was the break the Orange Phoenix needed and took the opportunity to equalise the scoreboard making it another tie of 4-4.

Thankfully the victory tonight was all friendships remained intact and a unanimous agreement to make hockey great again.

I hope you can all make the next game on Sunday 19th March to see what happens next and support our top level players.