Senior Tournaments

National Championships

IHACT enters teams in National Championships each year – dependent on player numbers. IHA has one senior tournament which provide local players with the opportunity to play against other states. It is also an opportunity for ACT players to get noticed for potential positions on National Teams.

Tournaments run over a four-day period, including a weekend and are rotated around the states. States play a round robin format competing for Gold, Silver and Bronze. States can also be awarded Fair Play Trophy and individual players can be awarded player of the tournament awards.

The following Senior Championships will be happening in 2017:

Jim Brown National Championship

4th–7th October in Newcastle

This tournament is for male players only aged 17yrs+ and is a full checking tournament.

Clubs Tournaments

Clubs also hold annual tournaments for various age divisions. IHACT may send a team to these tournaments or players may be invited from other clubs or states. Players who are asked to play for any team or state other than Canberra/IHACT, must have clearance and approval from IHACT before accepting the position.

The following Club Tournaments are planned for 2017:

OiHAN Masters Tournaments

10th–12th March in Canberra

9th–11th June in Melbourne

3rd–5th November in Adelaide

This tournament consists of 3 divisions with teams competing in the 35yrs+, 45yrs+ and 55yrs.

NSA Stampede

25th–26th January in Newcastle

3 on 3 tournament for players over 18yrs. It has 3 divisions depending on player skill level and is open to male and female players.

IHACT does not enter teams in these club tournaments.

IHACT will hold try outs for state teams in each age division. If IHACT is unable to field a team, players may be put into the IHA player pool to be requested from other states if they require extra players to participate in their state team. Players who are asked to play for another state must have clearance and approval from IHACT.


Cost for each tournament will varying depending on the location and time. Players will need to fund additional trainings locally, transport to and from the tournament, which may include flights and accommodation.

All participants in IHACT Representative Teams, will also need to purchase on-ice and off-ice uniforms.

For more information on any national or club tournaments please contact the Senior Delegate.