Senior D

League Stats

Download the stats here as (GAME 19) as of 20 Feb 18

DINGOES 19 13 4 2 41 26 128 28
ICE BEARS 19 11 7 1 66 42 94 23
19 9 7 3 53 45 161 21
SHAMROCKS 19 8 9 2 55 47 120 18
BOMBERS 19 5 10 4 30 55 201 14
HORNETS 19 4 13 2 31 61 130 10

GP = games played, W = win, L = loss, D = draw, GF = goals for, GA = goals against, PIM = penalty minutes


Senior D is our mixed beginner league. It consists of male and female players aged 18yrs+ who are new to the sport or those wishing to brush up on their skills. The league has a strong community feel with all players getting into the spirit of friendship and fun. As per all our senior leagues, Senior D is a non-checking league.

From 2016 onward the Senior D League will be played over summer from October to March with a break over the Christmas period. The Head Coaches are David McLeod and Tom Dunne and the league Coordinator is Jackson McLeod. Each team also has its own dedicated coaching staff and team manager. Currently the league consists of 6 teams Ice Bears, Hornets, Numbats, Feisty Bison, Dingoes and Bombers. Trainings are held weekly (optional) and games are played on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday evenings. Team jerseys and socks are provided by IHACT as per our loan or purchase policy.

In line with Senior C and B, Senior D has recently appointed a Senior D Committee and developed a Rules of Engagement to support the players in the management of the league.

Rules of Engagement

The Rules of Engagement (RoE) is a guideline for players and officials on the running of the league. It provides additional information on the running and structure of senior D, game formats, finals, player responsibilities and admin.

All Senior D players are required to make themselves familiar with the RoE and abide by its by-laws. Please click here to view the Senior D Rules of Engagement.

If this is your first time playing hockey IHACT recommends you attend one of our pre-season academy programs and/or skating lessons with Phillip Ice Skating Centre.

For more information on costs and payment plans please see the Registration page.

If you would like more information about joining our Senior D League please contact the Senior Delegate.