Senior C

League Stats

Senior C Stats @ 15 Aug 18 *CLICK TO VIEW* 

REDBACKS 18 11 5 2 59 33 76 24
EAGLES 17 9 3 5 50 33 78 23
CHIEFS 18 10 5 3 64 51 112 23
SENATORS 18 9 7 2 49 35 66 20
DEVILS 18 7 7 4 60 53 90 18
PHOENIX 17 5 12 0 54 99 64 10
SHARKS 18 3 15 0 46 76 84 6

GP = games played, W = win, L = loss, D = draw, GF = goals for, GA = goals against, PIM = penalty minutes

Senior C is our mixed intermediate league for male and female players aged 18yrs. The focus of the league is on positional play and a faster pace than Senior D, creating a higher skill level and more competitive play. As per all our senior leagues, Senior C is a non-checking league.

Senior C is a self-managed league with each team organising their own roster (players), managing team finances and is over seen by the Senior C committee lead by the League Coordinator Dean Rawlinson. The league this year consists of the Eagles, Devils, Redbacks, Chiefs and Senators all returning, with a new team called the Sharks joining this year's competition.

Teams conduct their own on-ice trainings during the week on half ice and play games on Sunday and Monday evenings. See the schedule for more information.

Rules of Engagement

The Rules of Engagement (RoE) are guidelines for players and officials on the running of the league. It provides additional information on the league structure, game formats, finals, player responsibilities and admin.

All Senior C players are required to make themselves familiar with the RoE and abide by its by-laws. Senior C Rules of Engagement will be added ASAP.

If this is your first time playing hockey in IHACT you will need to attend the Senior C Draft at the beginning of the season for team selection, for more information on this page check the Events page for updates.

For more information on costs please see the Registration page.

If you would like more information about joining our Senior C League please contact the Senior Delegate.

Previous Season Stats

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