Policy Update - Mouthguards

IHACT regularly reviews our rules and regulations to ensure we are consistent with Ice Hockey Australia's policies.

Recently we reviewed our policy regarding mouth guards for junior members, and determined a change is necessary to bring IHACT into alignment the Ice Hockey Australia Sports Regulations. Please note IHACT will be following the below direction from Ice Hockey Australia.

5.1. Mouth Guards

5.1.1. It is recommended that all players wear a custom made mouth guard.

5.1.2. Effective 01st November 2006 all players in age categories 20 & Under and not wearing a full face mask, shall wear a custom made mouth guard.

Communication from IHA; in summary, if a player is in the age categories above and is wearing a full face mask the player is not required to wear a mouth guard as the cage is protecting the players face.

IHACT strongly recommends all players and goalies, wear a mouthguard and takes no responsibility should an incident occur as a result of not wearing one. For further clarification, please refer to the respective representative of your division.