Out of the Mist

It was a dark and stormy night, in fact it bloody poured down and a mist descended as the players skated onto the ice. Before the first puck drop we all took a moment of silence to remember and honour DC Bear McPhail.

The game started quick with the first goal at 19:38 from the Phoenix. However the Green Machine were quick to reply with their own goal at 18:53. This fog wasn’t going to stop the players from hitting the back of the net. The Green machine took an early lead in the 1st ending it 3-2, however this wasn’t without some great saves by both goalies.

The Beard arrived just in time for the second period to the cheer of the other bearded team mate. The game started to lose a little pace and focus, maybe the fog was getting to them after all.

Thankfully the pace returned and we all got back into the game. There was some board hugging, a star jump goalie save and a hooligan hooked a nice Baggs. The Phoenix were on the power play again, but alas they didn’t convert and the score was still locked at 3-2. Brunty showed us all how to correctly check a player, but it wasn’t enough to the stop the Green Machine and they scored again at 3:08. The increased lead was short lived with the Phoenix scoring at 1:06. The air horn blew ending the second period and the crowd’s ability to hear.

We started the 3rd period watching Blunden deliver a beautiful top shelf tying the game 4-4. The game was getting intense. We had two more beautiful breakaways only to have Telstra deny service to its valued customers. But even Alex couldn’t have predicted the sneaky fake slap on the blue switched into another text book move by Kai giving the Green Machine back their lead. Just to make sure we all knew the Green Machine wanted this win, they converted another breakaway taking the lead 6-4. The game plan, shut down operation pass to Blunden was a success!

As we literally watched the sound erupt from the air horn, the game ended as it started, engulfed in mist. The Green Machine had their first victory and we have a true sudden death final on Sunday 2nd April.