A Message from IHACT President Tanya Brunt

Dear IHACT Members,

On Wednesday 27th September IHACT held the 2017 Annual General Meeting where all Elected Board positions excluding Senior Delegate were up for nomination. Thank you to those who attended, it was nice to see a good show of interested members. I would like to spend some time acknowledging and thanking the past Board, who were not re-elected. I was honoured and privileged to work with a studious group of hard working, passionate and dedicated group of people. High praises to each board member for their work behind the scenes in positions that are often thankless. A heartfelt thank you for the time these people invested to contribute to ice hockey in the ACT.

IHACT’s Elected Directors & Portfolio Directors have been instrumental in IHACT’s evolution and success.

Al McLean, previous President of IHACT
Aiden Brown, previous Registrar

Elected Board:
Vice President, Joel Davis
Secretary, Luke Slattery
Assistant Secretary, Elaina Wood
Junior Delegate, Diane Doornbos
Senior Delegate, James Ballard
Treasurer, Adrian Miller

Portfolio Directors:
Registrar, Elaina Wood (acting)
Communications Officer, Elaina Wood (acting)
Referee-in-Chief, Al McLean and Scotty Marshall
Director of Player Development, Matti Luoma
Director of Junior Coaching, Mike Sargeant
Director of Senior Coaching, Andrew Brunt
Director of Women’s Programs, Jane Weatherstone
MPIO, Tony Prescott
Tribunal Director, Tony Lane
Equipment Officer, Steven Morrison

Each individual brought their own set of skills, knowledge and wisdom to the Board, working behind the scenes, to ensure the successful running of the 2017 season. Continued thanks to those departing from positions that have offered to handover to new members or continue to help, until others come forward. I would like to mention and thank all Coaches, Team Managers and League Coordinators. Also thanks to bench coaches, scorers and timekeepers. A special mentioned to the officials – refs and linesman who battled through a tough season with minimal numbers to provide officiated games throughout the season. I looking forward to seeing or hearing of a solid pool of officials rearing to go for the summer season and the next 2018 winter season.

I accepted the nomination to continue as President of IHACT. Thank you for entrusting me to steer the IHACT ship once again. I am delighted to introduce the new 2018 IHACT Board:

Elected Directors:
President, Tanya Brunt
Vice President, Joel Davis
Secretary, Linda Mendham
Assistant Secretary, Justin Mendham
Junior Delegate, Sarah Mohr
Senior Delegate, James Ballard
Treasurer, Adrian Miller

I look forward to working with the new board to evolve IHACT further, to the benefit of members. What a 2017 winter season it has been. There have been highs and lows, learnings and most importantly another season where opportunities have been created and managed for members to play the game we all love – Ice Hockey. There is much work to be done. As with everything, I believe it’s good to take away lessons learnt from everything and IHACT has the potential to be a well-oiled machine, investing capital into the growth, maintenance and improvement for all members to benefit. My hope is that everyone works collaboratively and respectfully to achieve the same things we are all hopeful of. Portfolio Directors nominations will be released shortly and without members coming forward to help, feeds an ever turning cycle of burn out and frustration for the remaining board to pick up. I would strongly encourage you to contribute to giving back to the sport of ice hockey in the ACT.

Yours in hockey

Tanya Brunt
Ice Hockey ACT President