A Message from IHACT President Tanya Brunt

Dear IHACT Members,

I have accepted the position of Ag President IHACT, following Al McLean stepping down. Thank you for the encouraging and nice messages that have been sent. High accolades to Al McLean for his contribution to Ice Hockey in the ACT over the past years. Al has been pivotal in steering the direction of Ice Hockey for ACT.

I look forward to working with the current board members who have equally been crucial in dedicating hours of their time to make Ice Hockey in the ACT fun, successful and fair. I know it’s been said many times, but I think it’s important to acknowledge that amongst the things that have not had the success everyone wished for, there have been equal amounts of things that have. I acknowledge and thank both past and present committee members. I ask that the ACT Ice Hockey community supports the association, so they can support you in the game that we all love to either play or watch. There’s much to be proud of already. Many things have occurred on the hockey front this year with many celebrative events, within our small community as well as the participation internal and external - competitions and commencement of leagues:

  • The completion of the Senior D and women’s summer league.
    Congratulations to the victorious Dingoes and runners up Bombers. Congratulations and well done to all that contributed to its success. Wishing everyone attending the presentation night on the 22/04, a great fun night.
  • The completion of the women’s summer league
    The women’s summer league finished up well, playing a number of games in honour of DC Bear McPhail.
  • The selection of both junior and senior players that represented Australian teams:
    Kai Miettinen, Alex Tetreault, Jayden Lewis, Jordon Brunt, Jakob Doornbos, Brittany Mendham & Maddie Prescott
  • The selection of junior players that were invited to participate in the 2017 International Friendship Pee Wee tournament, in Minnesota: Nick Doornbos, Ebony Brunt and Connor Dowell
  • The commencement of the games in Senior B and C The junior league will commence next week
  • The completion of the senior A series, over summer. Congratulations to the orange team, who were presented with the Frederick Eckhardt Memorial Cup
  • The commencement of the Midget Travel Team-Jnr Brave & Women’s travel team
    Both teams have been victorious in a number of games played, best wishes to both teams for further success

It doesn’t stop there, some additional celebrations - marriage proposal, a wedding, the birth of babies, and the return of players.

I had the pleasure of watching a number of the Women’s Tier 2 games and watched a spectacular display from our ACT women, play with conviction and determination - undefeated all bar one game. Congratulations and well done to all players, coaches and management team in hosting a very successful tournament in the ACT. The next round of games will be played at the Gold Coast in July.

I also attended the Heaton Cup tournament, a tournament hosted by Canterbury Ice Hockey club each year on Good Friday. ACT entered a Pee Wee and Midget team. Both teams did ACT proud with the Pee Wees winning 2 of their 4 games and the Midgets coming away with the championship for the second year in a row, undefeated in all games played. Big thanks to the coaches, management teams and parents who provide ongoing support to their players to participate in these tournaments. We’ll pop some photos up on the website.

I often talk about ACT Ice Hockey having an imprint on the Ice Hockey map, this statement continues to strengthen as we participate in competitions both internally and externally, players being selected for Australian team representation and the super supportive community that I feel privileged to be part of.

I look forward to an exciting, fun and memorable season with the support of all members. A big thank you in advance, to all the refs, linespeople, scorers, team managers, league coordinators and all involved ahead of the 2017 season.

Best Wishes,

Tanya Brunt
Ice Hockey ACT President