On ice injuries

If you have been injured during an IHACT Sanctioned Game or Training there are a few simple steps you need to follow to ensure your injury is recorded correctly by IHACT and IHA so that insurance can be accessed if necessary.

What kind of injury needs to be recorded? IHA defines a recordable injury as:

  • The player misses a training or game because of an injury sustained during a practice or game
  • The player does not return to play for the remainder of the game following an injury
  • All concussions
  • Any dental injury, or
  • Any facial laceration

IHA has developed a simple injury report form which is available on the scorer’s bench during every game or downloaded HERE.

If you get injured during a game, please notify your coach, team captain or manager straight away. While the scorer is watching the game, their focus is on the puck in play and may not see your injury for a range of reasons.

After the game has finished please report your injury to the scorer and fill in the injury form. Your injury needs to be recorded on the score sheet which is signed by the referee at the end of the game.

IHA tracks injuries sustained in any sanctioned game or training regardless of how minor it may seem. Trends are then reviewed by the IHA Chief Medical Officer and assist in determining what measures may need to be made to prevent or reduce reoccurring injuries to IHA players and officials.

Some injuries may require additional medical treatment and while all players have sports injury insurance through their IHACT memberships, it is not meant to be a substitute for private medical insurance and members are still encouraged to have private health cover.

If you have sustained an injury during a sanctioned game or training that does require claim lodgement please review the IHA insurance information.

Returning after an injury

All players who require further medical assistance as of the result of an on-ice injury are required to present a medical clearance from their Doctor or Physiotherapist before IHACT can allow them to participate in any games or training.