For boys and girls aged 14yrs and 15yrs as at 31st December that year. At this level of hockey in Australia, it becomes full contact and slap shots are allowed. Girls can and do continue to play in the Bantam League or can choose to play in the Women’s league which remains non-checking.

This year the head coach is TBA and the League Coordinator is TBA. Training is on Tuesday and usually play games on Sundays. Please refer to the schedule for more information.

Due to player numbers in this age division, each year an assessment is made to determine the best way to run the league. This maybe to combine with the Peewees or Midgets.

Bantams will also have the opportunity to try out for the Midget Travel Team competing in Ice Hockey NSW’s Midget competition. This a separate team from local leagues and parents and players will need to be prepared for additional training and travel to and from Sydney regularly.

Bantams are able to represent the ACT in the Kurt DeFris National Championships. It is a national tournament and players will compete against other state teams. Tryouts are held for all state teams and players will be required to attend additional trainings and purchase their state team apparel.

Additional Bantam only tournaments are held through the year by other clubs that local players may participate in as part of the Canberra Phoenix Team. IHA also run National Development Camps each January – this is by invitation only.

Playing up an age division

On occasion a player may be invited by an IHACT coach to play up one only age division for local leagues or travel tournaments, for Bantams the next age division is Midgets or Senior C League. Players who are invited to play up must complete a IHACT Playing Up form and continue to participate in their current age division for the remainder of the season. There is a cost for a player to play up in a second age division.

The IHACT Playing Up form can be downloaded here.

If you would like more information about joining our Bantams League please contact the Junior Delegate.

Please note: Training, game times and league structure are subject to change depending on player numbers.