AW2SCS Opening Weekend

Canberra hosted the opening round of the Australian Women’s Showcase Series (AW2SCS) on April 8th-9th 2017. The showcase series was developed last year by IHA to bridge the gap between state leagues and the AWIHL, providing women with more opportunities to play at higher levels and against other states. It proved so successful that the series has been split into an East and West Coast division in 2017 with 3 teams in each.

The East Coast division is made up of the Canberra Pirates, NSW Bombers and Queensland Blaze, while the West Coast is Western Australia, Adelaide Valkyries and the Melbourne Dragons.

The teams play a series of round robin games over the weekend playing each team twice, all aiming for 3 points for a win. Points were also awarded for a tie.

The Canberra Pirates came 2nd overall last year and were keen to make a strong statement this year by going better. They have introduced some new faces to the line-up including Nicole Casalis, Kimmi McLeod, Casey Murphy and Marisha Rummukainen. The team also had some players returning from the 2016/2017 AWIHL season.

The Canberra Pirates came out strong in the opening game against the NSW Bombers with endless shots on net that were hard and on point. The Pirates did not stop applying pressure to the Bombers for the whole game. Hannah Butler had a fantastic game in net with some huge saves.

The Canberra Pirates won the opening game 2-1 against the NSW Bombers and continued the high level of hockey throughout the tournament. The Pirates lost to the NSW Bombers in the final game in an intense game that finished 1-0.

NSW Bombers 4 3 0 1 6
Canberra Pirates 4 3 0 1 6
QLD Blaze 4 0 0 4 0

NSW Bombers are on top of the standings, edging out the Pirates on goal difference.

The Canberra Pirates are well on their way to take the top spot in this year’s Series with the weekend’s high standard of hockey, and IHACT can’t wait to for the next series.

The Series 2 for the East Coast Division is July 22nd 2017.